Stroke Rehabilitation

Information on Standardized Assessment Tools Used in Stroke Rehabilitation

Standardized Assessment Tools for Stroke Rehabilitation Professionals in alpha order by Tool

Standardized Assessment Tools for Stroke Rehabilitation in alpha order by Purpose (ADL, balance, etc)

Locations of 12 Specialized Stroke Rehabilitation Services by County

  1. Body Weight Support Services
  2. Adult Day Care
  3. Community Re-entry
  4. Driver Evaluation
  5. Orthotics
  6. Out Patient Day Rehabilitation
  7. Seating/Positioning/Wheelchair Clinic
  8. Spasticity Management
  9. Stroke Clinic
  10. Stroke Support Groups
  11. Vision Rehabilitation
  12. Work Re-Entry/Vocational Rehabilitation

Additional Documents

Cross-Sectional Assessment of Stroke Rehabilitation in Nebraska Hospitals

Improving Stroke Rehabilitation Systems of Care Across Nebraska. 11th Annual Nebraska Stroke Symposium- May 16, 2013.