Primary Prevention Task Force

The NSAC Primary Prevention Task Force will support the Million Hearts Initiative and the National Prevention Strategy with the core strategies to a) promote clinical and community preventive services that ensure prevention-focused healthcare and community prevention efforts are available, integrated and mutually reinforcing; b) empower people by supporting healthy choices; and c) eliminate health disparities to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

Priority Areas:

-Develop an ABCS-Toolkit-052819 for use by clinical/nonclinical individuals at community educational events

-Work to ensure that educational resources are culturally and linguistically appropriate and take into account the health literacy needs of racial and ethnic populations

-Collaborate and align with existing programs (DHHS,AHA and AMA) on blood pressure measurement and control, targeting rural, racial and ethnic disparate populations

-Utilize the Million Hearts campaign materials and evidence-based practices to spread the use of Aspirin therapy when appropriate; Blood pressure (BP)control; Cholesterol management; and Smoking assessment and cessation by healthcare providers

-We also support the following program: Target Blood Pressure